Planning & Discussing with Team

The first step in this process is getting in touch each other. Please kindly contact us by email or by phone. Our Salesperson will reach you back as soon as possible to arrange an appointment at a place of your convenience or meet online.

We will explain about what we can do for you and we will show you some website templates for reference. You will need to bring business logo and idea of look and feel of your website. After discussion you will choose design package and agree on basic sitemap.    

Designing & Development

Based on what we have discussed on first phase, our team will develop wireframe and design template. And we will send it by mail to you for your approval. After you approve the design, a 50% deposit is required to move on to the development phase. You can pay in cash or pay online. After payment receives, you will choose domain name eg. and webmail address eg. We will send setup information of your webmail.

Building &Testing

We will need Site Data (Logo, written content, photos, video, audio and all data that you want to use for your website) so that we can start designing your project. After the project is completed we will host website on our server. eg.  You should have some people to check for any hidden bugs and report us to fix immediately. After we receive a complete payment we launch your website on your main server eg.

Promotion & Maintenance

Site Promotion

Billions of websites on the internet, so it is hard that your site is rank at higher level. We offer Search Engine Optimizing, Search Engine Markting, Email Marketing, Google Advertising (Google Ads), Yahoo advertising (Yahoo Ads) , Facebook Advertising(Facebook Ads) and twitter Advertising (Twitter Ads) to integrate your website and online business successful. For more information about additional services please feel free to contact us.

Site Maintenance

Website maintenance is ongoing process. A site needs to be kept fresh. New products, new prices, new images, updated news, and such are all things that needed to be changed. To change content for Static Website, it is necessary to contact us, send update content and photos to us. We will do the rest for you. For CMS sites, a content management system, clients will be able to customized content with ease. Clients will have a web-based, easy-to-use interface that allows you or your client to log in and handle simple content updates as often as needed.

Site Annual Extension

Your purchase for website will expire one year after your purchasing date. For next year extension you will need to pay 50% of what you have paid on first year plan. We won't consider about discount price that you have paid by the time you have purchased first year signup. We will calculate annual extension price based on original prices of packages you have purchased. Two months before your website expiring date, we will start sending weekly reminder emails to extend your signup and three days before your sites is expired, we will phone call you to remind about your project expire and provide you necessary information of annual extension. So You will never need to worry about your website being shutdown without prior notice.

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